Hibiscus Media and Events – where did the name come from?

When deciding on the name for my business I went through a process. First I considered using my name – Stacy Edghill. However, it is so often spelt wrong, I mean, be honest – when I say there is no ‘e’ in Stacy OR the middle of Edghill – how many of you have just gone back and read my name again? So can you imagine me trying to spell out my email address to someone: “it’s Stacy.Edghill (that’s s-t-a-c-(no ‘e’)y dot e-d-g-h-i-l-l (no ‘e’ in the middle of Edghill) at stacyedghill.co.uk (s-t-a…)” you get the picture – I quickly vetoed that one!

Then I considered it just being what I want to do – I thought about things like ‘Sales & Social’ – but where’s the events? “Social Media and Events’ – boring…

I tried making up a name – I’m just not creative enough so that was a fail. ❌

So one day I was visiting my folks and, being that we are originally from Trinidad (that’s a story for another day) I said to my mum that I’d really like to tie in something that connects my homeland to the business. Again, we went through some ideas (honestly, there are some crazy words and phrases in T&T!), but nothing was working for me.

A couple of days later I was in my profile on WhatsApp and saw the emoji that I have had next to my name for years, it was this one: 🌺- the hibiscus flower. It has always been my favourite flower, I mean, just how BEAUTIFUL is it? It’s not the national flower of Trinidad, however it is abundantly found in gardens all over the island, not least in my grandparents’ own and I have vivid memories of picking off the middle bit and sticking it to my nose as a kid (strange kid, I know…). Anyway, with that memory came the name ‘Hibiscus’ and I thought, it works. It is a little bit different, it ties in my homeland and I added the ‘Media and Events’ so you would know what I do.

I hope this has helped to answer that question. What’s your thoughts on it?

And what about you – have you named a business? What is it and how did you come to that name? What was your process? I’m really curious as for me it was very much a personal decision and maybe that’s wrong – should it be more scientific and business? I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion so please go ahead and give me yours.

Thanks everyone, have a good day! 🌺