When you write a post on LinkedIn there isn’t an option to change the font or style, but, have you ever noticed that sometimes other people have? And/or maybe their headline or about section contains different fonts?

Wondered how they managed it?

Well I’m going to tell you how!

But first let’s chat about why you might want to do it and what you can expect.

The Why

The best way to be seen on LinkedIn is by being active. That’s posting, commenting, updating your profile and so forth.

The more you interact with the platform via these methods is the more you will be seen. The more you’re seen, is the more you’ll be noticed. The more you’re noticed is the more of a chance you will have of being chosen.

I’m going to focus on one of the ways mentioned which is posting. When you create a post on LinkedIn you have the option to attach various items to help make your post stand out:

  • Photos (you can attach up to nine)
  • Video (native – up to 10-minutes)
  • Documents
  • Poll

The way to make the text in your post stand out, especially if it’s a text-only post, has so far been to use emojis (🤗👏🏻🌈🌺📸 – I’m a big fan!). But one thing you couldn’t do, which I know a lot of people want to do, is change the font style within the post.

Until now…

What I have here for you is a little work-around. A cheat to get the font and style of your choice within your post. It’s not widely known, or used (as yet) so what I’m offering you here is a chance for your post to STAND OUT and therefor be seen, be noticed and (hopefully) be chosen!

When I posted about it I received a lot of interest so, as promised, here you go. It’s actually quite simple.

Step 1

Open up a separate tab and type “unicode text converter” into Google. You can search for different options but I used Convertcase.

Step 2

Type or copy your post into there and chose the text you’d like – (it can be different for different parts of the post if you want).

Step 3

Copy and paste it into your post.

Simple as that!

And oh – here’s the original post

No alt text provided for this image

Have a good day!

Stacy 🌺