Every service within Hibiscus Media + Events
is designed to help people or businesses
be seen, be noticed and be chosen.

This is our motto and is what we live by.


LinkedWin! – LinkedIn Training for Business Professionals

Online course | Various dates and times

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LinkedWin! – LinkedIn Training for Business Professionals
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How do we do this?

Through a variety of mediums, all designed with brand awareness in mind, you can help to propel yourself, and ultimately your business, into the spotlight and thus reap the benefits of increased sales.

There’s a lot of choice out there for people to choose from in business – make sure yours is the one that stands out from the crowd and is SEEN, NOTICED and CHOSEN!

LinkedIn Sales Training

Increase your own personal brand awareness, and learn how to use LinkedIn effectively to increase business.

Social Media Management

For SMEs, help to raise their profile and brand awareness.

Event Management

Got an idea for an event but need the help to organise, promote and run it? 

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